Fresh Perspectives : New Moon in Aquarius

“Aquarius is often associated with visions and intimations of what is to come. With Mars hitting the Aries point (where the Sun initiates the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere) and coinciding with the New Moon, this a potent brew for new beginnings. The Aquarian vibrations invite us to see upward and outward into realities that have yet to manifest. It stimulates foresight and the improvement of current circumstances.

It’s modern ruler, Uranus, is a planet of revolution and liberation from paradigmatic prisons which bind thought and action. Uranus seeks to free the individual from blind obedience and acquiescence to authority. Currently, the planet Uranus is in opposition to Jupiter, collectively inflaming the inner rebel and igniting creative and innovative genius…

With this New Moon, you may notice a fertilization of potential in your own life and a renewed excitement about what may eventually birth from it. This lunation is a moment of innovation and a reactivation of willpower — a thrust of much needed momentum after a lengthy period of gestation and existential hibernation

With this New Moon, embrace the fresh air. Take a deep breath. The winds of change are inevitable. Choose to flow with it or struggle against the current. These flowing waters will carry you towards new life and experience.”

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