“We have some interesting traits to work with in 2017, one being the mode of Perseverance/Aggression, and another, the theme of Flexibility. We have the challenge of Stubbornness, and the potential chaos of the obsessive, overactive mind as we move into a more intellectually centered time…

Aggression is a strong energy that is focused on a person, a goal or a task. If you throw a ball with aggression, it will go farther than if you don’t. There is a positive way to use the energy of aggression by putting it behind your intentions and tasks. It helps you focus and gives your task an extra boost.

Perseverance is being persistent and not giving up, but one needs to persist for the right reasons… Being persistent is sticking with a plan or an intention because you know it is the right thing. As you review your hearts desires and intentions this month, be aware of what is important to you and what you can put some perseverance and aggression behind…

Flexibility is a theme for 2017 and will affect just about everything. The discipline around flexibility is not getting attached to HOW things will manifest. If you are clear about what you want and put some positive persistence behind it without giving up, the flexibility piece is what will allow it to manifest in unpredictable and unexpected ways. Where one door closes another will open. Just make sure you have broad enough vision to see all doors so you don’t miss out on the one that is open…

This month provides us a great opportunity to practice being clear, focused, persistent and aggressive while being flexible at the same time. It’s a tall order but it will build the resilience we need for being as adaptable and creative as we can for taking charge of our own future.”

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