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Fresh Perspectives : New Moon in Aquarius


“Aquarius is often associated with visions and intimations of what is to come. With Mars hitting the Aries point (where the Sun initiates the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere) and coinciding with the New Moon, this a potent brew for new beginnings. The Aquarian vibrations invite us to see upward and outward into realities that have yet to manifest. It stimulates foresight and the improvement of current circumstances.

It’s modern ruler, Uranus, is a planet of revolution and liberation from paradigmatic prisons which bind thought and action. Uranus seeks to free the individual from blind obedience and acquiescence to authority. Currently, the planet Uranus is in opposition to Jupiter, collectively inflaming the inner rebel and igniting creative and innovative genius…

With this New Moon, you may notice a fertilization of potential in your own life and a renewed excitement about what may eventually birth from it. This lunation is a moment of innovation and a reactivation of willpower — a thrust of much needed momentum after a lengthy period of gestation and existential hibernation

With this New Moon, embrace the fresh air. Take a deep breath. The winds of change are inevitable. Choose to flow with it or struggle against the current. These flowing waters will carry you towards new life and experience.”

“Big Joe” ANNIHILATES Crowd of ‘Social Justice Warriors’ at Women’s March


“Media outlet, BasedInLA, filmed and released the original footage featuring an interview with Big Joe, as he observed the “Women’s March” in Los Angeles this weekend. After The Millennial Post unleashed it on their Facebook page, it exploded in popularity…

[Joe] expressed his shock and disgust with the hypocritical crybabies throwing tantrums in the streets, before being interrupted by protesters who were totally unprepared for the depth of his knowledge and perceptions.

“I see signs for ‘unity’ and ‘love’ and ‘peace,’ and yet at his inauguration they were burning a McDonald’s, Starbucks, limousines, and there was anarchy in the streets,” Joe said. “What is this? He was elected rightfully by the majority of the country.” …

“I’m not offended by Trump… Half the country is not offended by Trump, so what about them? What about the rest of the country that’s not offended by Trump? Everybody’s afraid of you guys because if they stand up for Trump, then they get deemed a ‘racist’ and everybody’s terrified.” …

“You have people in these groups who are socialists, who are anti-American, and anti our freedom. They’re latching on to your different causes, and they’re playing on your emotions so that they can get you all riled up… and bring about chaos and anarchy.” …

“If you continue to do what you’re doing, you’re going to divide this country. You’re going to bring about martial law. You’re going to lose your rights. You’re going to lose your freedoms, and then your biggest fear: He will be a dictator then. You better be smart people. You don’t understand what’s about ready to happen. Wake up!”’

Watching Major Media Commit Suicide


“Trump has blazed a trail of rejecting major media. As a result of his merciless attacks, press outlets are going mad pushing numerous outlandish fake stories…

In the past, this was the pattern: an outsider enters the scene and accuses the government of vast fraud; media operators assemble their usual cast of sordid characters, who dismiss the charges; everybody goes home and the story dies. But that’s not working anymore. Media pomposity is exposed as fakery. Millions of people see through the ruse…

Truth be told, as [the Main Stream Media’s] financial positions sink into dire red ink, press operations are trapped. Why? Because they are partners with the high-level criminals whose activities are the very stories the public wants to know about…

The duplicitous and slimy major media are obviously engaged in a long con. They want their cake, they want to eat it, and they also want to appear as architects of “a more humane planet.” They care about a more humane order in the same way an ant cares about space travel. They care about serving their bosses, and those bosses have other bosses who are engineering a future of poverty for all, as a mechanism of control. That’s who’s paying reporters their salaries…

The modern matrix has everything to do with how knowledge is acquired. Television, in the main, does not attempt to impart knowledge. It strives to give the viewer the impression that he knows something. There is a difference.” ~Jon Rappoport

Donald Trump’s Amazing CIA Speech CENSORED!!! – 1/21/17

“Almost nobody in the media is telling the truth. This whole class, this whole professional class of journalists, 98% of them are fucking garbage… dishonest propagandists who think they’re working at Pravda in the Soviet Union in the 70’s, or something, and they think that you’re all just a bunch of sheep who are going to take their nonsense at face value.” ~David Seaman

FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump CIA Headquarters Statement

“I have a running war with the media; they are among the most dishonest human beings on Earth.” ~Donald Trump