Mercury Retrograde : December 19th 2016 – January 8th 2017

“With Mercury stationing Retrograde in Capricorn there is a focus on rethinking, reviewing and revising structures in our lives, expectations, obligations, contracts, commitments and agreements…

This is also the sign related to our life path, purpose and calling – which could have us rethinking what we are doing here on planet earth and where we are being called to grow out of preconceived limitations or areas of comfort in life so we can step more fully into our mastery…

This is a time to dig deep, excavate, penetrate beyond facades and get to the Truth

[W]e have been in denial, delusion, spiritual bypassing, playing the victim or the martyr, turning to addictions to numb out, deceiving ourselves or others, or where we have been escaping accountability/responsibility or not wanting to face reality.

With Mercury harmoniously aspecting both the karmic  south node AND the evolutionary North Node we have big time opportunities to see the past and make sense of it so that we can let go of the parts of it that have run their course.

Mercury trine the North Node helps us to align or realign with our personal path of destiny and evolution – and with Capricorn and Virgo involved this path demands integrity, honesty, accountability, self mastery, and commitment to doing the work.”

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