Congress Hands Government Authority to Microchip People with ‘Mental Disabilities’

[H.R. 4919] is an Orwellian human tracking program that could quickly and easily get out of control due to the vagueness with which this bill was written.” …

“The language of the bill is so vague, in fact, that we don’t know what type of tracking tech will be employed or how far this program will end up going if it gets in full swing…

Hey, we microchip pets, why not children and elderly people and, pretty soon, everyone? Why not, Japan is already applying barcode tattoos to its elderly dementia sufferers for easy government tracking…

Take note that, for an issue that involves people with mental disabilities, they didn’t put this new program under the control of the Department of Health and Human Services; no, they specifically put it under the control of the Department of Justice.

Rep. Gohmert warned everyone on the House floor that this bill will end in people being tracked against their will.”  ~Melissa Dykes

There just was not enough attention paid to this bill, and it breaks my heart.  And I’m not kidding, I’m not being sarcastic…

One day, they’ll be remembered as the ones who quietly pushed this bill through that allowed a federal government to begin tracking [American citizens] for the first time. Perhaps someday we’ll have a Congress, before it’s too late, that will back up and say, ‘Wait a minute — We are not going to be funding, with Federal tax payer dollars, a tracking system for American citizens.’

I can guarantee you the program will ultimately be used to involuntarily place tracking information on people.” ~Rep. Louie Gohmert (December 8, 2016)


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