We Are Watching The Long Game to Total Censorship Play Out


“What we’re seeing right now is a coordinated effort to basically take everything that the government does not want people sharing online and slap labels on it of hate speech, cyber bullying, fake news and now, Russian propaganda. They’re just going to mix that all together in a giant ball and justify censoring it. And you can see, when you take a step back and really look at what’s going on, how coordinated this effort really is…

Yes, U.S. government propaganda use against the American citizenry is officially legal…

What you’re seeing right now happen is a concerted effort to shut down free speech on the web… In a world where they can give you all of their propaganda, and that’s fine.

So in a world where our communication of what’s happening around us is largely digital, they’re now going to make it so that what you can share and see online is their propaganda while censoring and shutting down anything that speaks against it.

And it’s just crazy that we’re actually watching all of this happen; it’s so far beyond any of the dystopic movies. But, this is what’s happening, and it’s going to continue happening. So what people need to do is try to figure out where to go instead because YouTube and Facebook and Twitter, these platforms are going to be more and more heavily censored to the point that it’s going to be very hard to share information.” ~Melissa Dykes


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