Non-Attachment : Riding the Flow of the Universe

“In these tumultuous times, where the structures we have depended on for most of our lives are breaking down, it is easy to feel deeply affected. Many who are concerned and worried for our future are trying to hold onto and even fight for what they believe will create a sense of security, and even in the most loving communities people are turning away from and against each-other. The world seems to have gone mad!

But if you just take a step back from the madness and watch what is happening, it becomes clear that people are merely fighting for a sense of well being – one that is defined by some external circumstance that they have no control over. In an attempt to protect themselves, they are fighting a losing battle to control external conditions in a way that satisfies their own feelings of safety, when in reality they, and only they, can provide that for themselves, particularly while the outside world is in such a chaotic state of flux…

As we move through this intense period of transition, we are going through a process of retrieving our personal authority, healing our sense of loss, finding our true natural center, and learning to live from pure heart-centered motives. We are becoming free, learning to be who we are! Liberated from the need to conform to the collective reality, from the bounds of (externalised) security and attachments, we can begin to move freely, shine brightly and love dearly…

We stand at a moment in our lives in which we must embrace the future with total trust and faith in ourselves… This is the time to know what true sovereignty is.”

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