The Latest Wikileaks Were a Bridge Too Far for Hillary to Win

“And some people thought “Eyes Wide Shut” was just a movie…

It would appear [Hillary Clinton] was becoming way too much of a liability for the elite. Imagine how many people would never stop digging if the Owners forced her into the Oval Office, when the stuff that’s already come to light is damning to the highest levels of the globe’s evil power structure.”

“I think Eyes Wide Shut is a cautionary tale to the public about some of the things that are really going on and I just think all those people would prefer to stay behind their masks, and they knew they couldn’t have Hillary Clinton running around in the White House and still be able to do that…

I’m so glad that she’s not going to be in there. And that’s not to say I trust Donald Trump at all. It’s just, I feel like we lucked out, I feel like we woke up in another dimension… Like something happened and we’re all in the movie Back to the Future and McFly went back to the past and he changed something, but we actually ended up in the good story line instead of the horrible nightmare one… It’s like we just narrowly avoided her ascent to terror.” ~Melissa Dykes


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