Election 2016 and the Weaponization of the American Public


“With the election behind us, and the cloud of 24/7 candidate propaganda lifting, some deep truths about the state of American society are becoming evident, and the slow-coming, but predictable effects of social engineering are more visible than ever.

Decades of fear programming, dumbing down, authoritarian leadership, violence entrainment, divisiveness, crooked economics, moral subterfuge, and physical pollution have changed the social fabric of the nation. The result is escalating madness, tension, chaos, violence, and mindless self-destruction as people unleash their frustration, hate and rage onto their neighbors, burning their own communities to the ground…

How is it that in 2016 the main issues driving people to action are the socially divisive ones pitting Americans against each other along race, gender and political beliefs? Why are we so willing to hurt each other, yet so unwilling to confront the machine?

We are in the throws of a cultural revolution engineered by the likes of billionaire George Soros who uses his wealth to finance social unrest in America and in Europe.

Our lives are being manipulated by the powerful, and our frustrations with this corrupt, authoritarian matrix are skillfully directed onto issues that will only cause further public division, never onto the problems created by the elite themselves

In the game of chess, pawns are the expendable masses. Their role is to serve as an advance force to draw the opponent into a predictable and controllable conflict. They are used by and dispensed of by royalty as tools in pursuit of a larger conquest.

We are being weaponized against ourselves, and our rulers couldn’t be more pleased. For how much longer will we consent to being their pawns?”




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