Hillary Clinton Should Be in JAIL, Not the White House


“Hillary Clinton would already be in jail as the head of an international crime syndicate if she were not being protected by the media establishment and Obama’s political operatives in the Department of Justice. The ferocity with which she is being defended despite her public record betrays the moral bankruptcy of too many of elites – not only in government but in the media, the universities, law firms and in the business community…

Our true national scandal is not that Clinton has so far escaped indictment, it is that so many of our civic and political institutions have been corrupted by a misguided loyalty to the Clinton crime syndicate.

From the board rooms of Wall Street to the editorial boards of local newspapers and the town halls of the League of Women Voters, the defense of the “progressive cause” has come down to defending the indefensible – pay-for-play cronyism, open borders and national security breaches on a global scale.

A full chronicle of Hillary Clinton’s crimes will someday fill a large shelf of books, if not a whole library.”

Hillary’s Crime Sheet: Five Reasons Hillary Clinton Should be in Prison


“Hillary Clinton’s crime sheet reads like that of an old mafia boss only with the added element of war crimes. Here is a list of the top five reasons she should be behind bars…

1. The War on Libya
2. Benghazi
3. Burning of Bernie Sanders
4. Email Gate
5. Funding Islamic Terrorism”

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