Patterns of Success

“People who succeed take their goals seriously. They move their goals out of the realm of fantasy and turn them into practical objectives to be achieved…

People who succeed tend to begin with modest goals and build up to larger goals when they get some success going. Those who fail often bite off more than they can chew… If you need to let the old world collapse while you work on your long-term goals at a realistic and intelligent pace, so be it. Bite off a modest piece of your goal, work on it, and achieve it…

Have some compassion for your future self. At some point you’re going to be 5, 10, or 20 years older, and that future you will have to endure the consequences of what you’re creating now. If you’re wallowing in neediness or drifting aimlessly, you’re sentencing your future self to a crappy outcome, and that future you may blame you for it.

Instead of screwing over your future self, take a more sensible and compassionate approach. Work to create a better reality for your future self. That future self is going to be you someday.

People who succeed look to give their future selves an edge. They seek to put themselves in a more advantaged position down the road. They make small sacrifices today to alleviate stress and enjoy more fulfillment tomorrow.” ~Steve Pavlina


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