“Forgiveness is a big piece we are working with this month and in the months to come. The actual definition of forgiveness is to give way so something can be free to move forward. Without forgiveness there is no moving forward…

Sometimes the biggest challenge is to forgive ourselves for what we perceive to have done, not done, failed at, not lived up to, been blinded about, wrong about and irresponsible about. We worry about how we show up and whether we will make the grade. Our fears run us and we can sometimes despair about our inability to “fix” our lives.

Cut it loose, forgive it, let it die, release and move on. Self-judgment, self-pity and the attachment to the long suffering unsatisfied life of servitude just does not work anymore. Even if you are not as extreme as this in your experience of life, this is still a good month to evaluate where you are still blaming yourself or regretting something from the past; some decision or opportunity not taken. Forgive yourself now for all that is past and focus instead on your dreams and intentions for the future.”


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