New Moon in Sagittarius

“At the time of the New Moon, the Sun and Moon are strongly square (90 degrees away from) both Neptune and the karmic North/South Nodes. A square aspect always indicates a certain amount of discomfort, which is often a prerequisite for change; if we are comfortable, we rarely look for ways to make improvements.

With the Nodes involved in the lunation chart, the coming month is a critical one in our evolutionary process. We are being compelled, through the emotional uneasiness we feel, to move from the negative traits associated with the Pisces South Node to the positive traits represented by the Virgo North Node. This means moving:

*From escapism to participation
*From confusion to detail-orientation
*From self-doubt to self-confidence
*From victimization to focused intention
*From looking to be rescued to taking responsibility for change
*From overwhelm to having strong boundaries

With Neptune aligned with the South Node, our attachment to these old patterns is dissolving. As we release these patterns, we discover new ways to take charge of our circumstances and open the door to improvement and success.”

Mainstream Media Pushing Neo-McCarthyism

“It seems The Washington Post is playing a key role in waging a new McCarthy-style witch hunt targeting any independent websites which dare to challenge the prevailing anti-Russian party line currently dominating the mainstream political and media establishment – evident beyond any doubt after reading this latest feature in The Washington Post written by Craig Timberg entitled, “Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, Experts say.

“Experts say”? Make no mistake, this was a true-to-form propaganda piece by the Washington Post, and in itself could be classed as actual “fake news.” …

[W]hat’s going on right now with America’s mainstream media is nothing short of tragic. More than anything, the 2016 Election showed the world how biased, corrupt and broken America’s papers of record have become. Instead of emulating Woodward and Bernstein, it seems most of  the ‘journalists’ are channeling Stephen Glass instead…

The mainstream media continues to lower the bar on what it claims is ‘journalism’.  Just when you thought you’ve seen the worst, unsourced, completely contrived “investigation,” the Washington Post, which used to be regarded as the paragon of American journalism, has produced a rant of an article that is written as if it were a student submission…

It’s pretty incredible to see The Washington Post basing a case on an anonymous website – one which is conducting a virtual witch hunt, clearly with malicious intent (to smear some 200 websites), as a primary journalistic source? Incredible…

In short, the entire US corporate media seems to function with a singular hive mind, aggressively promoting one war after another, and elevating a new geopolitical foe every few years. This can be explained in part by the defense industry’s ownership of US mainstream outlets, and the hundreds of millions dollars these Pentagon-linked companies pour into both TV, print and online ads – none of that explains how editors, writers and producers at these outlets can sit there and still claim they are still performing their duty as part of the Fourth Estate.

As it stands, mainstream journalism is truly dead in America.”

Washington Post Disgracefully Promotes a McCarthyite Blacklist

“This Washington Post report [Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, Experts say] was one of the most widely circulated political news articles on social media… with dozens, perhaps hundreds, of U.S. journalists and pundits with large platforms hailing it as an earth-shattering exposé

Yet the article is rife with obviously reckless and unproven allegations, and fundamentally shaped by shoddy, slothful journalistic tactics… Its huge flaws are self-evident. But the Post gleefully ran with it and then promoted it aggressively…

As is so often the case, those who mostly loudly warn of “fake news” from others are themselves the most aggressive disseminators of it.

Indeed, what happened here is the essence of fake news. The Post story served the agendas of many factions: those who want to believe Putin stole the election from Hillary Clinton; those who want to believe that the internet and social media are a grave menace that needs to be controlled, in contrast to the objective truth that reliable old media outlets once issued; those who want a resurrection of the Cold War. So those who saw tweets and Facebook posts promoting this Post story instantly clicked and shared and promoted the story without an iota of critical thought or examination of whether the claims were true, because they wanted the claims to be true. That behavior included countless journalists.

So the story spread in a flash, like wildfire. Tens of thousands of people, perhaps hundreds of thousands or even millions, consumed it, believing that it was true because of how many journalists and experts told them it was. Virtually none of the people who told them this spent a minute of time or ounce of energy determining if it was true. It pleased them to believe it was, knowing it advanced their interests, and so they endorsed it. That is the essence of how fake news functions, and it is the ultimate irony that this Post story ended up illustrating and spreading far more fake news than it exposed.

Keep Your Spartan Reserve

“Yes, it is great that one of the most corrupt politicians in the world had her personal ambitions dashed, but that doesn’t mean the dark agenda has been stopped at all. Keep your Spartan reserve ladies and gentlemen 

The war for humanity’s true freedom still rages on. The dark NWO agenda is still moving forward.”

Graham Hancock – ‘Lethal to Academia’

“The ancient texts from many different cultures say that it’s an incredible privilege to be born in a precious human body and to live on this beautiful gem, this garden, this delight of a planet. What a gift we were all given… to incarnate here, now on this planet, at this time.

We live at a crossroads, there is no doubt. We all feel it, we all know it. There’s something coming down the track, and we have to figure out how we’re going to respond to that; how we’re going to turn it into an opportunity for growth, rather than an opportunity for destruction.

I don’t think it’s the first time that mankind has stood at such a crossroads, but here we are now facing it and hopefully, dealing with it. A precious opportunity which should not be wasted…

I believe we are a species with amnesia. I think we have forgotten our roots and our origins. I think we are quite lost in many ways. We live in a society that invests huge amounts of money and vast quantities of energy in ensuring that we all stay lost. A society that invests in creating unconsciousness, which invests in keeping people asleep so that we’re just passive consumers or producers and not really asking any of the questions. And I’ve found, for me, the study of the past and the mysteries of the past has been a liberating process in terms of looking at the present.”