You Want REAL Political Change? Repeal the ‘Federal Reserve Act 1913’

“America changed in 1913. This was the year that Congress, wrongfully and in violation of our legal Constitution, created the Federal Reserve; a private foreign banking cartel given authority to control our money supply and economy. It should be clear that if a group of people can control our money supply and economy, then they control everything — including our government. There is no equivocation here: either we control our government through our Constitution, or private bankers control it through the power of the dollar…

Therefore, the first thing that any President [and Congress] should do upon entering office is to repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913…  In order to serve us, they must tell the bankers that they are no longer needed — because they were never needed…

[O]ur government should also kill the TTIP trade deal (which seeks to give corporations power over our own government), repeal the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), [and] get us out of the World Trade Organization (WTO)…

The reality the American nation faces today is that we are in a permanent recession called poverty — and this is exactly where our government has placed us, to the benefit of our New World Order masters. Americans want this to change and as a result, presidential candidates paint themselves as agents of change — but in truth, they will change nothing of substance. As recent history has so clearly proven, our politicians no longer work for America. All that has really changed in the 8 years since Obama took office is that, instead of having a white oppressor as President, we have had one who is black. Perhaps our next oppressor will be female.”


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