“The beginning of the month and the new moon supports telling the truth to yourself about where you have resistance and why you sabotage yourself from stepping fully into your power. This may be depressing, sobering and could make you defensive, angry and reactive. Take that energy and turn it around into a proactive determination to move forward no matter what. It is helpful to spend a little time in clearing the decks and releasing where you are still attached or holding on to old wounds, injustices, regrets, disappointments and trauma…

Your goal in life is to do and be what you came here to do and be. If you do not have the cooperation of your body, mind, heart and spirit, you cannot achieve that goal. This month provides a great opportunity to observe which parts are not on board and to bring them all on to the same page. How is this done?

First through telling the truth, second through complete acceptance, and third through forgiveness of the past.

Work with your body to give it what it needs. Collaborate with those that can help you with physical issues… Discipline your mind to release the past and the attachment it has to how it all should be and to being “right.”  Open your heart to the possibilities of being fully loved and supported. Forgive and release the fear from past wounds and trauma. Allow your essence and spirit to take the lead, trusting that it will lead you well. Set intentions that all your parts will collaborate with each other to align you into your power and your full potential.


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