Heart Centered Rebellion


“Both brutal and nurturing in equal measure, current planetary activity speaks of great conflict and great healing, but the former may precede the latter with immense force.

Truth rises like a bubble, breaking through what may be a hardened surface of complacency or denial, shattering as it goes.

This fragmented surface may be our career that falls apart to reveal its empty heart… It may be a relationship that dissolves into dust… It may be our health as it falters and fails, a wider breakdown in social order or an unavoidable sense of deepening unease that something in our world is very wrong and in need of healing before it’s too late…

[W]e all, at some level or other, must be broken open to receive the truth and stop living our personal lie

Never has there been such a potent time for breakdown to become breakthrough or tragedy to become triumph. But these processes take time and demand that we honour each step to birth the deepest transformation shaped by the highest truths.

We may have to get our hands dirty in the messiness of the human realm with all our wild emotions and crazy longings. We may have to remove mask after mask until eventually we don’t even recognize ourselves…

These times call for authenticity that may offend in its honesty and passion, challenging the religious, political, social and spiritual status quos…

No matter how much we may fear the darkness, it is needed to frame the light.
~Sarah Varcas

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