Empowering Wisdom to Free You From Debt Slavery


“Instead of focusing on the accumulation of symbols of wealth, we should focus on actually acquiring wealth. In doing so, we acquire freedom. By extension, we live our lives not governed by fear, but instead by excitement and adventure. We have the time to indulge in our truest calling and our deepest passions. We cease to be controlled, but instead, we control. Wealth equals time. The picture of life painted by the advertising industry is the grandest of illusions

If we are to become self-directing, self-governing and truly free-willed individuals, we need to first shed our illusory notion of wealth. Instead, wealth should be thought of in spiritual terms.

Let’s ask ourselves, not how to live, but how to die. Have we left our kids, grandkids and the community at large, better off? Is society wiser because of us? When we pass on, did our ideas and potential pass on with us, or did we release them outward to the universe to improve humanity?

The most expensive of materials will crumble with time, but the most expansive of ideas, if released, will live on for eternity… It’s time to give a middle-finger to the high-consumption, phony lifestyle that’s espoused by the advertisers. In doing so, we prevent the atrophy of our spirit.”

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