Unfuck the Police: Anarchy and the Demilitarization of Law Enforcement


“Freedom is paramount. It’s the overriding principle of life. Without freedom there is only servitude, captivity, oppression, and enslavement. With freedom there is a space to contest such things, a place to breathe and to question our conditioning, whether good or bad, healthy or unhealthy. Until we reclaim our own freedom, until we empower ourselves, we will continue swimming around in circles inside an unhealthy fishbowl that doesn’t give two shits about us. That fishbowl is the State, we are the fish, and the cops are the sharks hired by the state to keep us enslaved to authority. Reclaiming our freedom is learning how to fly, and learning how to fly gives us a bird’s eye view of the atrocities going on inside the fishbowl. It’s time to rise above it…

The problem isn’t so much the police themselves, but the fundamentally unhealthy, violent, and unsustainable system in which police are expected to withhold. They are merely hired thugs for an unhealthy state that doesn’t have the best interest of the people…

The authoritative system is the disease. Bad cops are merely a symptom

The corrupt militarized police state wants to keep us cowed and controlled, anxious and afraid, terrorized and reliant on them for our “security” and “safety.” The state is afraid to lose its power…  [T]he police aren’t in place to protect us. They are in place to protect the state from us. And it will continue doing so until we choose to demilitarize it, or even abandon it. Until we find creative ways to reveal the illusion of false authority, we’ll keep spiraling further and further into an unhealthy militarized state.”


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