Graham Hancock : Magicians of the Gods

“If ever a society could be said to meet all the mythological criteria of the next lost civilization – a society that ticks all the boxes – is it not obvious that it is our own? Our pollution and neglect of the majestic garden of the earth, our rape of its resources, our abuse of the oceans and the rainforests, our fear, hatred and suspicion of one another multiplied by a hundred bitter regional and sectarian conflicts, our consistent track record of standing by and doing nothing while millions suffer, our ignorant, narrow-minded racism, our exclusivist religions, our forgetfulness that we are all brothers and sisters, our bellicose chauvinism, the dreadful cruelties that we indulge in, in the name of nation, or faith, or simple greed, our obsessive, competitive, ego-driven production and consumption of material goods and the growing conviction of many, fuelled by the triumphs of materialist science, that matter is all there is – that there is no such thing as spirit, that we are just accidents of chemistry and biology – all these things, and many more, in mythological terms at least, do not look good for us.”  ~Graham Hancock

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This is the remarkable Graham Hancock’s latest & newest presentation. An utterly astonishing ‘must-see’ presentation… He reviews his recent discoveries, as well as an opening discussion (with film) of his ‘debate’ with Zahi Hawass in Egypt. Hancock is a true champion of bringing credible ‘alternative’ views of human history on the planet. Academically researched and articulately presented by one of the sharpest minds in modern study, his evidence is quite compelling, beautifully structured, supported & defended in a credible manner. Hancock is a true pioneer, and his courageous body of work is changing the paradigm by formidably challenging the ‘old guard’ of main stream resistance to astonishing evidence of advanced civilizations of the past.