In The Future, Our Attention Will Be Sold

The problem is not the technology itself, it’s how we choose to use the technology. Is it serving us or are we serving it?

These are the new challenges new generations must face. Our grandparents had to learn to master their time and their energy in order to take advantage of the labor economy. Our parents had to master their minds and their problem solving in order to take advantage of the knowledge economy. We must learn to master our focus and our self-awareness to properly take advantage of the attention economy.

Limitless access to knowledge brings limitless opportunity. But only to those who learn to manage the new currency: their attention. In the new economy, the most valuable asset you can accumulate may not be money, may not be wealth, may not even be knowledge, but rather, the ability to control your own attention, and to focus.

Because until you are able to limit your attention, until you are able to turn away, at will, from all of the shiny things and nipple slips, until you are able to consciously choose what has value to you and what does not, you and I and everyone else will continue to be served up garbage indefinitely. And it will not get better, it will get worse.

In the future, your attention will be sold. And it may be that the only people able to capitalize, are the people that can control their own.”


One thought on “In The Future, Our Attention Will Be Sold

  1. In a world of the constantly connected, of earbuds and textmessages, blogs and Twitter and 10,000 movies streamed to phones the width of paperbacks, nobody takes a moment to think.
    What did people do decades ago when they got home from work, when they had ‘spare time’ to kill? What did they do with no technology? They sat and talked, or sat and thought.
    No one sits still and listens to birds, or spends an hour on a bench just watching, with a completely clear head, the bustle and rhythm of the city in front of them.
    Nobody bothers to clear their head anymore. It’s easier to stare at the soporific screen, lulled into catatonic states, then to lie on your back looking at the stars with the clear, easy clarity of your mind rewinding the day.
    It has to be constant, constant, constant stimulation. And because of it, no one has an attention span, no one can focus, no one can think critically or be bothered to wonder about anything significant.
    ~~ Misanthropic rant ~~

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