FULL MOON + SOLSTICE – June 20th 2016


“Full Moon is paired within 12 hours with the powerful point of solstice boosting both their energies… That’s astrological gold! …

We have great opportunity to turn this summer time frame into preparation for major growth and movement in our ability to align our hearts, our lives, our vision, our thoughts with Spirit and center our selves in true power like never before.

We must strengthen our personal and collective containers to receive these gifts; otherwise, we cannot hold the increased energies coming our way…

Saturn wants us to show up, do the work, accept the limitations, challenges, or cosmic reprimands, and put into demolition anything that just isn’t working and is no longer in line with what we want to embody

Jupiter rules this Full Sagittarius Moon so the message is set your sights on where you want to end up and examine and root out dogma, judgment, and fearful prejudices of all kinds within yourself

Solstice is such a magnificent, powerful time; engage it with presence and gratitude and reap the rewards.”


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