“This is a great month to honor personal change. Whatever has been internalized over the past few months has a possibility for outward manifestation this month. For example, if you have been working on better health, your health could outwardly improve this month. If you have been dreaming about starting a new area of study or a new project, you could have both the resources and the support for actually getting started.

The growing pains of your recent personal growth will also subside as you begin to show up in the world, well adapted to the transformation. Expect sudden changes to continue and be prepared to be flexible, accepting and resourceful. As you continue to trust, make sure you are also doing practices that keep your energy positive and your frequency as high as possible. Beware of matching others who are struggling and remember that you cannot take away someone else’s pain or do their growth for them.

Be the light and be the example. Focus on the fun and the magic of life as you adapt to what is here and coming.

Most of all, be inspired by what’s new instead of regretting the past. It is time to put your creativity and inspiration first and to calendar time for yourself doing what you love to do…

The most important relationship this month is the relationship with yourself. It is a great month to reflect on who you are, what you need, what you desire, what you have been putting up with, what needs to change, and how and where you need to adapt in order to live more fully and authentically…

Stay true to yourself no matter what the consequence.”


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