FULL MOON : Blue Moon in Sagittarius


‘“Occurring less than 24 hours prior to the end of Mercury retrograde, this Moon signals a shift of perspective

This is a positive Moon with an uplifting tone and encouraging demeanor. That said, [it] poses a challenge too, our response to which will color the weeks to come.

Conjunct retrograde Mars [this full moon] calls forth courage and appeals especially to those who identify as spiritual warriors, seeing through the seductions of an unconscious world, whilst living in that world full-blooded and passionate: engaged, enlivened and entranced by its paradoxical beauty.

There exists an innocence about this Moon, even as [it] radiates timeless wisdom passed down through ages. Burning away the jaded half-truths of dogma and obedience to belief and form, [it] illuminates the vitality at the heart of a soul on fire for truth…

We cannot have light without darkness. To deny the shadows renders life uni-dimensional, robbed of its guts and gumption.

Those feelings we judge as wrong or negative, the ones we’re told aren’t spiritual or ‘of the light’, they are part of us too, an expression of our wild nature which rages against obstacles, suffers when suppressed and challenges the narrative that nice is more important than true

[T]he most effective response to life is born of an open mind and heart, not one resistant to the very conditions it struggles to confront.”’ ~SARAH VARCAS

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