“We have survived the energies of April (some of us barely) and are now facing a new game, a new dream, new possibilities, a new sense of self and a lot of unknown. Just as powerfully as April shook things up, May provides us with a potent opportunity for changing our game and moving into that new dream we all so desperately want. For some of us it will require a leap of faith and for some simply a willingness to allow new things into our lives in a new way.

This will take a great deal of trust as well as discipline in eliminating any attachment to old ways of thinking, judgment, and doubt. The most important lesson this month is to trust and allow your life to be supported in unfolding in a very new way, one that you are not familiar with but you welcome and receive…

It is time to change the game. And this means setting new RULES for yourself. Examine how the patterns of the past create a negative rule that guides your life in the same direction over and over again…

You have the opportunity this month to change your habits, patterns, and beliefs about yourself in a big way… Because the times require a total shift in order to move forward, whatever personal change you put total commitment and trust behind will become permanent, as long as you continue to trust it…

[Y]ou are leaving the nest of your comfort zone and striking out into the unknown. As you look forward into your future, set your intentions from the wisdom and intuition of your heart and then trust you are on the right path.”


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