What is Sovereignty?


“What invariably happens to a sincere truth seeker is a change of lifestyle. It usually happens in increments. It becomes obvious to have the least entanglement possible with any of the world’s systems. They’re essentially toxic and woefully binding, hindering our very being from being truly free in a whole range of ways.

It may mean to change jobs or careers, so called. It may mean, and usually does, finding some creative outlet where this conscious awareness can manifest via our imagination. It also means disengaging from any compromises we can, be it banking or credit card enslavement, poor eating and living habits, choosing the right people to engage with and leaving others and unfruitful relationships behind.

It’s profound, but only goes as far as we’re willing to go. As these changes progress more and more becomes completely obvious. You are not your name, therefore any legal attachments to your paper identity are essentially fraudulent or fundamentally ensnaring. The entire legal and political system becomes almost embarrassingly stupid and obviously built for control purposes.

Therefore, you strive to get free. Only not striving in their sense, fighting the very thing that only seeks affirmation by our unconscious response to it, but by sidestepping the entire matrix. If we think we can combat or dissipate their fabricated low vibrational world on their level we’ve already lost, and will only recreate another system with the same low vibrational construct in some form.”

The ET Presence: good or bad?


“What is negative about the alien presence? …

[T]he collusion between human shadow military and negative alien groups.

Thanks to alien technology and information, the first has become a so-called “breakaway civilization” with sophisticated control over the rest of the planet. Military abductions, creation of sleeper agents, remote viewing and psychic remote influencing of blacklisted individuals, the biasing of thoughts and feelings in the population through widespread scalar wave irradiation, abduction and mind programming of targets toward induction self-destructive behaviors, etc.—it’s all incredibly nefarious and tragic. Together with their alien overseers, they have engaged in the mass manipulation of human consciousness and world affairs toward totalitarian endgoals. The goal appears to involve turning chaos into order, a new world under lockdown and lead by human-alien hybrids who function as liaisons loyal to their negative alien progenitors, and all of that leading toward the genetic assimilation of the human species into a more servile, docile, and useful slave race…

[N]egative aliens and their human shadow collaborators have rushed things, seeded alien technology via the military-industrial complex into the public domain to take us from horse and buggy to supercolliders and supercomputers in less than a century. And because of this rush, not only has society begun to crack under the strain of artificial modernization, but as a civilization we have not advanced with equal measure in our wisdom or experience in order to handle disclosure as responsibly as we could. Hence our planet is like a naive teen being solicited by some old dirty creep just waiting for her to turn legal age. It’s a fast way to grow up, and could turn out well if we pass the test of discernment, or it could turn out horribly if we fail and become subjugated and assimilated.”
~Thomas Minderle


FULL MOON : Blue Moon in Sagittarius


‘“Occurring less than 24 hours prior to the end of Mercury retrograde, this Moon signals a shift of perspective

This is a positive Moon with an uplifting tone and encouraging demeanor. That said, [it] poses a challenge too, our response to which will color the weeks to come.

Conjunct retrograde Mars [this full moon] calls forth courage and appeals especially to those who identify as spiritual warriors, seeing through the seductions of an unconscious world, whilst living in that world full-blooded and passionate: engaged, enlivened and entranced by its paradoxical beauty.

There exists an innocence about this Moon, even as [it] radiates timeless wisdom passed down through ages. Burning away the jaded half-truths of dogma and obedience to belief and form, [it] illuminates the vitality at the heart of a soul on fire for truth…

We cannot have light without darkness. To deny the shadows renders life uni-dimensional, robbed of its guts and gumption.

Those feelings we judge as wrong or negative, the ones we’re told aren’t spiritual or ‘of the light’, they are part of us too, an expression of our wild nature which rages against obstacles, suffers when suppressed and challenges the narrative that nice is more important than true

[T]he most effective response to life is born of an open mind and heart, not one resistant to the very conditions it struggles to confront.”’ ~SARAH VARCAS

Neil Kramer : The Deep Bosom Of Divinity


“The people — we see them walking the streets. In the bank, post office, cafe, in the sun and rain, sitting, sleeping, working, playing, eating. There they are. People doing things. Choosing to be quite heedless of purpose or nature, emphatically disconnecting themselves; sleepwalking…

‘A savage race that hoard and sleep and feed and know not me.’

There’s no condescension here, no conceit. This is not what we’re doing here at all. No belly-aching. No superiority. We are plainly observing the colossal mass of humans who do not engage with the deeper truths of life.

They are content with the outer shell. The exterior. Appearances only. People who demonstrate no natural impulse to explore the authentic nature of things; neither things inside themselves nor in what is around them, in the living world. They resolve in themselves NOT to move upon the deep rivers of wisdom…

They might be 30 or 50 or 80 years of age and appear all grown up, and they have families and cars and houses and insurance, wear suits and ties, have dresses, handbags. But when you get close, when you really look at what is present, they are babies — immature, fragile, susceptible, unripe, easily frightened, no impulse for deep things. Babies follow strong voices. Good or bad. They follow trends. They watch, read, listen, eat what they are told.

They are babies. Remember that. It makes life more understandable.” ~Neil Kramer

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