“This month we are acutely aware that we are in transition. We have mental anxiety…

The Spring Equinox and the eclipses of March have left us in an unsettled place of asking, “what happens next?” We know it is not business as usual but we also cannot see around the bend or trust that what is showing up today will be the same as what shows up tomorrow.

Think of a puzzle. There are pieces coming together, some that are still missing, and the final picture has not yet emerged. This month requires a great deal of trust and flexibility. Anything can happen. To be proactive with the month you will need to be very clear in your intentions and have good solid practices to keep you grounded. You will also need to be comfortable with, and accepting of sudden changes that come as a result of these unsettled times.

Attachments will be a big lesson this month. The less attached you are to how things are or ought to be, and the more you can practice flexibility, the better. When energy is unsettled there are more opportunities to make personal changes and to restructure many aspects of your life. This is the advantage. When energy is fixed and stable this is harder to do. So use the month’s unsettled energy to proactively restructure what is needed in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life.

Action cures fear. Fear will come up this month especially for those of you with a security need. Instead of withdrawing from actively engaging in life, ask how you can actively work with the unsettled energy in a way that supports your own desire to evolve into a new place in your life. This is an excellent month to reset your intentions, dream bigger and harness some inspiration, excitement and enthusiasm for the magic, eccentricity and miracles of life…

The great opportunity this month is to harness this unsettled energy and to use it to propel your own growth and evolution. If there is a bit of chaos, celebrate it. If your carefully organized plans suddenly fall apart, be flexible and embrace the opportunity for a restart, creating an even better plan. Rely on yourself and your daily practices to give yourself stability and stay grounded as much as possible.”

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