Total Solar Eclipse In Pisces : Transforming Old Wounds Into New Strengths

“This total Solar Eclipse [on March 8th] will be occurring really close to the South Node, which is associated with our past — both our strengths and weaknesses that we have developed there. It is also aligned with Chiron, a heavenly body representing our old wounds, traumas, anxieties, and blockages resulting in life challenges, negative patterns, and some sort of inadequacy.

This next six months are a great time to work towards releasing old beliefs, wounds, anxieties, and traumas that are creating limitations in our lives. Gaining a new perspective on why we behave in certain ways can be valuable at this time. Spending more time in meditation, self-reflection, finding that inner peace, clarity, and centeredness can help us tremendously in being more productive and healthy…

Due to this eclipse being so close to both the South Node and Chiron at the same time, it offers the most potential for healing and transforming past wounds. Emotional trauma that we hold on to throughout our lives can manifest into negative behavioural patterns that block our true and spiritual selves from being embodied more fully. This eclipse can shake things up in our lives to help us gain awareness of how our past wounds are shaping our reality, and we can move towards healing them.  This is an opportunity for a new beginning regarding our past, through transforming our limitations into previously inhibited gifts that serve our purpose…

If you wish to make intentions, the best time to do so is within the first 24 hours after the exact Solar Eclipse/New Moon. Click here to find out the exact time for your time zone.”

Also see: How To Deal With Eclipses

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