Detecting Charlatan Tricksters, Hoaxers, and Delusional People

“Books and articles have been written on being able to read body language to detect deception, and it’s a line of research that law enforcement and forensic psychologists employ when questioning people. But how can the average person who lacks training in such matters tell when they are being deceived, and/or dealing with a person suffering from delusions, especially via the written word?

This is especially relevant for the “woo-woo” weird material. In recent years there’s been an explosion of awareness in the population into all subjects fringe, courtesy of the internet, be it various government/world conspiracies, mind control experimentation, aliens/UFOs/MILABs/abductions, etc. It makes it possible for people to not only find material on these subjects but to contribute their own thoughts and experiences, while asking questions and networking with each other. And mixed up with the genuine people seeking answers and writing or speaking about their experiences are those who are faking things, either for the ego wank attention it provides, or maybe to be a troll for personal amusement to see how many people they can dupe, attempting to $$ capitalize $$ on these new found popular subjects, or because they’re serving an agenda to deliberately spread disinformation into the works, leading people towards red herrings and away from certain lines of thought… Some are also outright delusional and suffering from mental illness where reality and fantasy get mixed up and blurred in their minds…

The following is a compilation overview of the major “broad stroke” sorts of things to be aware of when encountering material from people falsely claiming to have gone through some things, especially of the woo-woo nature. And most notably when it comes to the written word…”


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