“We have become used to being held back by our fears and we have practiced energetic procrastination in many areas of our lives. This month comes with the responsibility to let those fears go, to follow through with details and to embrace the timing of how things are showing up in your life…

We have windows this month of higher centered potential where synchronicity of action and ideas are possible providing us with an experience of all the missing pieces of the puzzle finally coming together in ways that will produce the greatest movement in our lives. This is an exciting and welcoming thought but you have to be ready for it. And that readiness requires confidence, certainty, commitment, perseverance, focus, courage, decisiveness and a willingness to take a risk.

The risk is about truth, faith and going after what you know in your heart to be right from a place of integrity and spirit. This will affect all areas of your life including business, relationships, how you show up in the world, your health and well-being, and whom you choose to be around and what you choose to complete or eliminate from your life…

The biggest challenge this month will be to keep away from the distractions that want to derail us from truly being as powerful as we can. The distractions are our addictions, fears, bad behaviors, energy leaks and self-doubt…

The distractions of the false personality are like adding water to high-octane fuel. The engine of your desires will not fire or power up. It will instead sputter and die before it ever gets going. So how do you keep your fuel clean and your engine ready? By committing to your practices, asking spirit and your allies for help, allowing what needs to be healed and balanced to be healed and balanced, and trusting that life will unfold with power if you just get out of your own way.”

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