“This is not a month to be sitting on the fence or to regret your choices or to think the grass is greener on the other side. This is a time to be committed to your life and the choices you have made in a way that leaves no room for ambivalence and no back door. This will be challenging for those that have difficulty with commitment, tend to change your minds frequently, have a need for freedom, or never trust yourself and your own intuition. The best choices are often made from a place of “knowing” that has nothing to do with the rational mind but more to do with the intuition of the heart…

Everything is a choice. You can choose to feel angry, victimized, vengeful, trapped, inadequate, depressed and resentful, or you can choose to be accepting, inspired, hopeful, resilient, flexible, grateful and trusting. The key here is to infuse your choice with a level of commitment, as COMMITMENT is the energy that the influences of February will grab onto and work with…

The opportunity for making committed choices will be ongoing throughout the month giving you plenty of chances to anchor new directions, new relationships, new ways of showing up and new bids for power. Once you have committed to your choice, it will gather momentum and support you in moving forward.

There is an aspect to the month that continues to place the unexpected in front of us at unexpected times. This can support change or it can throw you off your focus. Be flexible and resilient and incorporate whatever is new into your plan instead of resisting it. Chances are it will only enhance and motivate something wonderful. We are still not able to “see around the corner” so much of the month requires trust that everything is moving in the right direction.”



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