Automaton Factory

“Society is going the way of all those dystopic films. Willingly. Not the ones about the police state or the panopticon; the omnipresent surveillance state is already here, has been for a while now. The death of privacy. The tyranny of total transparency for everyone else, national security for the State. A place where information is constantly being extorted from us. A place where police look up your color-coded threat score based on your social media posts before they ever lay eyes on you during a traffic stop or 911 call. A place where they know it is you based on four credit card purchases. A place where computers can decode your thoughts and translate them into sentences without you saying a single word. A place where we spy on ourselves and spy on each other while the system spies on everyone, every minute, every hour, every day, day after day after day…

[P]eople have been stripped of their emotions and individuality to bring order out of the chaos of nonconformity, to do away with the danger of outliers… [P]eople have been sold a mockery of “peace” built on uniformity. Where sameness saves and individuality is certain doom…

Have you thought about what you want out of life? What your goals are? Do you have a goal? Most people don’t have the time anymore or inclination to think about what they really want out of life or what their life means. Most people have been socially engineered to believe that the only worthy goal in this world is material wealth anyway. Consumerism. The American Dream, as hijacked and sold to us since World War II by Edward Bernays.”


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