New Moon in Capricorn : Standing Strong in a Paradox of Darkness and Light

[T]his is a time for us to be bold, to trust our own infinite potential, and to stand strong in our quest to help humanity evolve through this paradox of darkness and light

As the awakening of human consciousness continues, people in increasing numbers are connecting with their higher truth and learning to manifest it into reality. Each of us are choosing to evolve through the themes of personal growth, self-directed action. We are learning to take sovereign responsibility for our entire being and our relationship to the living world around us, and we are emotionally connecting with our choices as we make them. This brings into light why so many on the planet are becoming increasingly sensitive to the controls, agendas, distortions and conflicted interests in governments and other structures and systems…

[T]he current reality we are experiencing must be viewed as a creation of our past — our choices, and the (former) consciousness that informed them. There is a large degree of distorted residual energy in our fields, which is in need of a great amount of healing. From this understanding, we come to see ourselves from a place that is truthful and honest. We can see the journey behind us, which brought us here and now, and we can see we have a very long and uncertain journey still ahead of us…

As the story of our collective shift naturally continues, in gathering numbers and increasing strength, know that we are not stuck or disempowered but rather amazingly gifted… Our task is to manifest a truly integrated society — one that intimately knows the dark and consciously chooses light.


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