Neil Kramer : One Christmas, One Empire

“With the dominance of today’s soundbite-driven media, real historical analysis is almost entirely absent from the mainstream conversation. Switch on the TV right now and you get bomb plots, a teetering global economy, Prince William’s wedding plans, football and absurd Christmas songs…

It’s easy to get cynical in such circumstances. But this is not the way of the spiritual warrior. Cynicism is a luxurious self-indulgence for which we have neither the time nor energy to spare. What we do know is that the media, like the politicians, does not represent the world of felt-experience in any consequential way. What we see on the streets, in the city, in the grocery line, in the coffee shops, in the home and across the table from our friends is what is significant. Real conversations with real perception, should we be lucky enough to know those who value and practice such wonderments, mean infinitely more than just consuming the regurgitations of on-screen experts. A PhD in a fictitious history illustrates only a capacity for information storage and retrieval. In a deeply magickal world, far greater faculties than just the biological computer of the brain are required to grasp true wisdom…

By examining the official historical record, reading on-line sacred texts, folklore accounts and mythological writings, then cross-referencing these with alternative scholar’s work, independent documentaries and filtering everything through our own individual research – we can now formulate a far higher resolution picture of what has actually occurred in our world.” ~Neil Kramer (2010)


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