“Definition of TRANSITION: the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. It is a move, a passage, a transformation, a leap and an evolution.

We are in transition.

We are moving from one place to another in our lives, on the planet, in our psyches, our emotions, our work, our relationships, our environment, our values and our dreams. What we thought we wanted or could have, or would make us happy and fulfilled is no longer on the table. We have decided as a collective that the view must be better on the other side. So we are taking that step over the abyss. We are in mid air, having let go of the side we are familiar with and preparing to land on other unknown ground…

The transformational aspect of TRANSITION can be brutal, radical and swift. Pay attention and do not go to sleep. This is the time to take full responsibility for yourself as a human being and intend to fully live your life. If you are overly concerned about the past, you will never be clear of it. If you are too worried and anxious about the future, you will not enjoy the present. This is the time to live each day as if it were your last. Do not spend time engaging in negative behavior or emotions. They are energy leaks. Instead, be generous with your compassion, humor, humility, inspiration and creativity…

Transition is where we are. Transition does not mean we are there yet, but we’ve packed our bags and are on our way.”

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