Adventures of Justin Alexander : Rediscovering America on Motorcycle

“After spending last spring and summer in Asia, and then wintering in South America, I’ve come back to adventure across America on my battle green Royal Enfield bullet 500 motorcycle. I’ve been living on the bike for four months at the time of this writing and I’m just beginning to settle into this lifestyle.

Sleeping on a bedroll next to my iron horse, next to a small fire where I cook my food and warm my adrenaline-exhausted, sunburnt body. Sleeping under the stars. Climbing the biggest mountains. Washing my clothes in the rivers where I drink and bathe. This is how the western frontier should be experienced.

Years ago, all I wanted was to get out of the country and see the world, and I still do, but what I was really seeking is freedom from monotony. America isn’t a place to escape, rather it’s the mindset we must abandon. This is my time to rediscover home with new eyes; and what a beautiful home it is.”

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