“This month we are striving to balance our lives in a way that serves us better and brings all the bits and pieces we have been juggling into a new and more balanced configuration and alignment. Our faith and trust (themes of September) have been tested, challenged, pushed, revealed, expanded and rewarded. And now it is time to give up the struggle and surrender ourselves to the more natural flow and balance that wants to emerge…

The compulsive obsessive mind has a hard time letting go into receptivity. It wants to track everything, know everything, and put constant mental energy into our desires and intentions. This month we are being invited to stop the mind and experience more balance…

This month is a good time to recapitulate where you have been spinning your wheels, where you are overextended in the wrong directions and what you have not given enough attention to. These times bring a certain clarity that will help you see exactly what is out of balance in your life. You may need to make some hard choices and cut something loose that has become a stress-causing energy leak. You may need to cut back on some of your “doings” in order to balance the “being” part of your life so that all you have asked for through your prayers and intentions can catch up to you and find its way into your field…

The other balance we are looking to refine this month is the balance between the mind and the heart with the intelligence of the heart leading the way… [T]he mind has a difficult time giving up the driver’s seat. It is a good practice to “be” in “don’t know mind” some of the time.

This time frame is very much like driving in the fog. We are being trained, whether we like it or not, to trust that we won’t go off the road just because we cannot see around the bend. We will be able to see, understand and define our experiences in right timing and as they unfold in the present.

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