“We are truly expanding the boundaries of our creativity, perception, and understanding, and moving ourselves into the unknown. The container of our lives needs to be bigger to accommodate this evolution and we cannot hold ourselves back with our fears, limited thinking and need for control…

[W]e need to turn our focus towards structuring our inner spiritual life in a way that can support us no matter what happens. The stronger and more organized our inner container is, the better it can feed our outer container with the FAITH and TRUST we need to move into the future. This may be the only thing that keeps you sane this month.

Remember that this is an Artisan year and artisans are masters of chaos, destruction and high levels of creativity. It is useful to tap into the artisan within and to trust that you have what it takes to navigate chaos and destruction, and to turn your life into one beautiful, outrageous and highly creative work of art. Just as any creative project begins with a blank, your life as a creative project will unfold in its right timing with power and purpose as long as you can practice Faith and Trust every step of the way.”


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