Neil Kramer : “Waking Up”

“We, you might say, are the very first generation – certainly mine is – to come along and say, ‘Well, yeah, whatever. I don’t really classify myself based on my genetic heritage, nor do I evaluate myself based on my economic situation; therefore, that immediately releases me from lots of systems.’

[U]nderstand that you’re not a subject of any monarch, that’s a fiction. You’re also not a citizen… If you are a free human sovereign being, you are not a citizen – that’s a fiction.

And if you are enmeshed only in the theater, it feels like you’re trapped. And so the path of the mystic, and this is a sacred and wonderful thing, is to see that that is not true, that you are not trapped in the theater; only your mind is trapped here. Once you’ve understood that process, and once you begin that unfoldment

The unfoldment is a simple choice – it’s the choice to take yourself seriously. There can be no unknown areas in the unfoldment, no blocked emotions, no weak triggers. You have to go deep.

…it attaches you to your true position of consciousness, which is not here. And to get there, you need to purify your mind, which is the whole endeavor of the mystic… to purify the mind to an extent where it locates the higher self and begins to withdraw it’s consent to it’s own bondage.

And if we want to change this, all we have to do is stop agreeing to it.  There’s a purpose for animal nature, which is what we’re enmeshed in at the moment, and one of the purposes of it is to learn high conduct, to learn that morality and ethics and principles and discipline is the bedrock, the foundation, of spiritual growth.  So, the point of it isn’t to get out and escape – it’s to use this place as the very instrument itself for transformation.”
~Neil Kramer

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