How to be Vegan

“You may be in the minority as a vegan now, but that will eventually change. If you’ve taken a deeper looking into the animal products industry, then you already know that it’s based on unsustainable insanities and the ongoing perpetuation of falsehood and ignorance. If enough humans keep learning and growing, we’ll eventually correct this unintelligent behavior…

Once you’ve been vegan for a while, you may find that the strength of your emotions increases significantly, especially if you adopt a high-raw diet. You’ll be much more in tune with your feelings, and it will be harder to ignore them.

This has a major upside. Your emotional highs will be higher than ever. You’ll be able to experience intense love and joy like you’ve never felt before. You may look back on your animal eating days and realize that you were an emotional zombie back then. As a vegan you’ll feel so much more alive inside…

I really love that being vegan helps me stay conscious. On this path, I’m constantly reminded of my choices and their long-term consequences. I see the contrasts between the path I’ve chosen and my old style of unconscious living pretty much every day. As a vegan, I find it impossible to fall back asleep. This path keeps me awake, especially in my heart. It keeps me from going numb.” ~Steve Pavlina

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