Neil Kramer : Individual Flight

“The more independent you are, in thought and deed, the more truth you can perceive. Independence is sustained and cultivated by embracing your individualism; the fact that you are you. No one else, you. You have unique powers and skills. If you don’t think so, you have been misinformed. We all have this power, should we wish to activate it.

But our powers of will and creativity and exploration and articulation are part of the creative unfoldment of the world; they’re not just things inside us. We are part of the world’s enterprise of refining harmony, making the world better — more congruous, more beautiful, resolving polarity outside by resolving it inside. Mapping it, knowing it, walking it, and enjoining those two together… But we can only really do this as individuals.”
~Neil Kramer (Roamcast #14)


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