“The CREATIVE ACTION theme of the month brings in a new element of moving beyond the need to know and moving your creativity outside the box that will expand your ideas of what’s possible as well as support the action that will help them manifest…

Especially for you procrastinators, this is an excellent month to “do it now.” Look at all of the things in your life that you have been “putting off” due to a lack of knowledge, support or motivation. Set new intentions that you will receive everything you need in order to move ahead with creativity and inspiration and then trust that it will be so. There is often fear around the unknown and resistance around blindly following what it showing up. The lessons this month are about trust and being willing to step right into opportunity when it shows up…

Take advantage this month of the higher centered influence especially around the full moon to inspire a stronger connection to a higher spiritual plane…

Since the Eclipses in April, our inner compass has been a bit unsteady and unstable looking for a new alignment and stability. This will not come from the outside environment but a new position will be set based on your own inner environment. The more you are connected with your emotional knowing, the more accurate your compass will be. Don’t let the mind and what it thinks it knows get in the way.”


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