Truthstream News 5 : Weapons of Mass Distraction

“Melissa has uncovered and compiled what is perhaps a master template for phony events and terror – how to rule using weapons of mass distractions, by using big media events to cover up and draw attention away from important policies and potentially damaging leaks about the ruling figures of our world…

Melissa scours over some of the most nerve wracking examples of mass distraction, where the media reacted to sensational events while the real business was carried out quietly, under cover of alleged threats, killings, bombings, celebrity exploits, cultural flashpoints and political drama. Those in power will do anything to keep the masses from looking too closely at what is taken at face value as “news” and “facts” while power brokers make deals undermining the economy, sovereignty, our opportunities and ultimately our future.”

Neil Kramer : Mysticism, Individualism & the Decline of Empire

“Your outside world is a reflection of your inside world. If your life situation is ugly and drama-ridden, there is work to be done. It’s not a disaster; it’s a pointer, a respectful message from your own soul…

So, what is our outside world like? Is it fulfilling, is it beautiful, is it good? Or is it crisis and despair? Why is it like that? Is it just bad luck? …The universe uses that stuff to reflect back to you the state of your mind.

Why do bad things happen to good people? …Because they weren’t paying attention to the big picture. You can be nice, but if you’re not paying attention to the big picture, life will kick you in the teeth.  Mysticism minimizes the chances of that because it helps you sort of develop an instinctive vigilance for the deeper themes of life – our growth, the true nature of things, unraveling mysteries.” ~Neil Kramer

T-Files : The Last Card

“A secret government has set up shop, is deeply rooted, and there’s no getting to the truth without going through them first. Until we deal with the reality of the breakaway civilization that’s been keeping mankind at large in the dark (sometimes literally) for centuries, we can hardly process the significance of contact from beyond.

Extraterrestrial life is being held and will be dealt as a card that requires ascension to world government and submission to a higher earthly authority. So compelling indeed is the opportunity to use aliens as a pretext for total control, that leader after leader have hinted at its unifying power over humanity. In the background, the possibility of a Project Blue Beam scenario has been prepared should the time come for the last card to be dealt to a humanity unwilling to march dutifully along under the banner of a one world government New World Order.”

Gary Yourofsky – 21st Century Revolutionary

“If you care about animals please consider evolving towards a Vegan lifestyle.
Love life so don’t take life.

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