“This life is a gift of learning.  We can do whatever we want with it, we can go wherever we please, we can be with whomever we choose.  Our time is our own.  So, what do we do?

We are not workers or consumers or bystanders. The ways of empty toil and obedient endurance are not our ways. There are no careers, no authorities. Success and failure do not exist. These are the old unconscious patterns, refuges for those who choose sleep. We came here to grow, to bear vivid witness, and embody the deepest wisdom. We call this spiritual development. It is radical; it changes people moment by moment, year by year.

When we live like this, the universal creation acknowledges our presence for the first time. The world can see us, we become known to it. We begin to recognize that reality is a place of profound intimacy and providence. Every moment offers meaning. The spell of randomness fades. Magic arises. This is the pilgrimage of the great mystery. The pathways must be walked. Words are not enough. The spiritual adventure is in the flesh.”


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