Death Penalty for Boston Marathon Suspect Drives Nail in the Coffin of US Justice System

“Just as the 9/11 commission failed to adequately address and answer dozens of questions that its official narrative failed to deliver, and years earlier the Warren Commission failed JFK and America, so does the prosecution’s case of evidence of Tsarnaev’s guilt fail to be convincing, much less provide definitive and unequivocal proof that the 21-year old Chechen American with his brother committed the Boston Marathon crimes…

All kinds of unexplained anomalies are rampant throughout this case. A number of paid mercenaries from Craft International, a paramilitary private security contractor out of Texas (not unlike notorious Blackwater/aka Xe/aka Academi) were… spotted in photos wearing… black colored government-issued-like backpacks. The question of whether any of them laid their backpack and its contents on the ground never quite came up in the trial.

Apparently these guys were part of a Homeland Security training exercise that just happened to be training at the exact same time and place as the so called terrorists on that Boston Marathon day. Think about those odds, kind of like America’s entire national air defense on 9/11 conveniently being absent, purposely diverted to training exercises in the Atlantic just so the 9/11 false flag could be executed as planned. In Boston the unmistakable heavy presence of the military and special ops personnel assembled en-masse instantly on the scene after the marathon explosions is yet another giveaway indicating that the feds had something if not everything to do with this tragedy.

Clearly it was a training exercise alright, Bostonians [were] used as a guinea pig litmus test for assessing how a large US urban population of over a million people would react to a first practice, simulation dry-run of martial law in America, conveniently prepping us for what’s to come. The 2012 National Defense Authorization Act upheld by the US Supreme Court a year ago now permits the US military to invade our homes without warrant, arrest us without charges, and imprison us indefinitely without trial, legal representation or due process…

Once again the United States government appears to be at least complicit in another state crime against its own citizens – and then applying a media blackout to any real investigative reporting that would ask the dozens of questions to get to the truth… The US crime cabal and its fabricated “war on terror” is perpetuated globally, both on US soil and around the world as an ongoing crime against humanity. The truth behind 9/11 is in-our-face, and so is the truth behind these Boston bombings.”

Quiet : The Power of Introverts (Quotes)

“Many Introverts are also “highly sensitive,” which sounds poetic, but is actually a technical term in psychology. If you are a sensitive sort, then you’re more apt than the average person to feel pleasantly overwhelmed by Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” or a well-turned phrase or an act of extraordinary kindness. You may be quicker than others to feel sickened by violence and ugliness, and you likely have a very strong conscience.”

“The highly sensitive tend to be philosophical or spiritual in their orientation, rather than materialistic or hedonistic. They dislike small talk. They often describe themselves as creative or intuitive… They dream vividly, and can often recall their dreams the next day. They love music, nature, art, physical beauty. They feel exceptionally strong emotions – sometimes acute bouts of joy, but also sorrow, melancholy, and fear.

Highly sensitive people also process information about their environments, both physical and emotional, unusually deeply. They tend to notice subtleties that others miss – another person’s shift in mood, say, or a lightbulb burning a touch too brightly.”
~Susan Cain

Neil Kramer : Tools for Global Uniformity – Human Rights, Discrimination & Equality

“Neil Kramer is a British philosopher and esotericist. His work focuses principally on spirituality, mysticism, and metaphysics. He explores the relationship between inner development and the many social and cultural factors that influence our everyday lives by drawing attention to embracing truth, confronting the negative, and transforming self.

Neil returns to Red Ice Radio to pick up on our last discussion on tribal heritage, taking the concept a bit further to include problems that stem from misconceptions about human rights, the promises of equality, and self-censorship. Neil defines what he calls the Empire, or the system that is set against the growth of man, and outlines the importance of recognizing that these entities are designed to be part of our spiritual development.

We consider the media’s focus on race, migration, sexual orientation and equality and how these headlines have been formulated to invoke division and polarization amongst tribes. Neil draws connections from the formation of the UN’s 1946 Commission on Human Rights to the current policies that appear to champion freedom and well being, but ultimately seek to condition people to believe in an unnatural sense of sameness and uniformity amongst individuals and across cultures. Neil emphasizes the primary meaning of discrimination, a word that has been used to prevent people from making moral observations or expressing any sort of disapproval.”

Why Love And Light Is Only One Side Of The Awakening Story

“How are we meant to not just survive, but thrive in this Crazy Town that we find ourselves in?

Without tapping into some form of spirituality, it’s challenging, because then there is no better or bigger picture in which to contextualise this total f**king mess. But doing so doesn’t change anything but what’s happening within us; we also need to be active in ways which do not support the current system and which create new systems of living for a united and sustainable global culture.

This means disconnecting from the mainstream media and freeing the mind from its biased narrative… Of course it is important to stay updated with current affairs, yet there are a multitude of alternative and independent news sites that do a much better job by providing a just and robust coverage of world events…

The general aim is to further disconnect from the matrix as much as possible and provide our own needs as much as we can. Yet in some ways it’s still business as usual, which means getting on with the priorities of life, including finding peace within this emotional roller-coaster ride. Generating mental and physical self-care strategies to ensure our healing and growth is absolutely essential. To affect real change in our inner realm, we need to be the master of our emotions instead of allowing our emotions to master us…

Igniting our passion and creativity is also essential. Fearlessly pursuing things we are passionate about is good for our physical, psychological and emotional well-being, and also provides an outlet for us to express who we are and what legacy we will leave behind…

Most of all… it is integral to develop a philosophy which connects us to the universe. We can look to many sources to understand our union with reality, such as the quantum sciences, religion or spirituality. No matter what we personally resonate with most, as long as we treat our fellow universe and everything in it with the same love and respect that we should be treating ourselves, we’re on the right track.”

The 17 Laws for Mentally Strong People

Law 1: Don’t Dwell in the Past
Law 2: Don’t Try to Please the Entire Crowd
Law 3: Don’t Be Afraid to Be Alone
Law 4: Don’t Lose the Importance of Patience
Law 5: Don’t Be Afraid of Change
Law 6: Don’t Become Jealous of Others
Law 7: Don’t Be a Criticizer of the World
Law 8: Don’t Trap Your Mind upon Small Matters
Law 9: Don’t Limit Your Mindset
Law 10: Don’t Settle for Negative Attitudes
Law 11: Don’t Live in Denial
Law 12: Don’t Do Everything By Yourself
Law 13: Don’t Fall for Temporary Pleasures
Law 14: Don’t Focus on What You Can’t Control
Law 15: Don’t Take Anything Personally
Law 16: Don’t Let Your Failures Define You
Law 17: Don’t Be Afraid to Be Yourself