Flashback: Allegations of Government Human and Biotech Experiments at a Deep Underground Military Base near Dulce


There are so many cases on record of our government experimenting on its own citizens without their consent and in many cases without even basic knowledge, that it’s mind blowing people don’t realize there are likely multiple unethical government experiments going on right now against people’s will…

The government has a long, documented history here, so why would the people in powerful places have suddenly grown a conscience and stopped? Prolonged secrecy on these and other matters does not suggest it. Has the government gotten less or more corrupt, centralized, and tyrannical over the last 50 to 60 years? Most would agree the answer isn’t “less,” so the likelihood of continued experimentation on the public — as has been done for decades — is quite high…

[W]e have a government on record that has experimented on an unknowing population time and again for almost a century. What other reasons are there to have underground bases in the first place? …If something is going on that they want kept out of the public eye, what better place for it to go on than literally underground?

Aside from the fact that we found this tidbit tucked in a UFO magazine, when you strip away all the aliens out of the picture entirely, what you have left sounds like a totally plausible, if not a highly probable scenario that would verify too many stories to count regarding humans in cages in underground facilities, people being kidnapped and taken to just such places…”

The Dulce Book : http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/esp_dulcebook.htm#menu

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