Novelty Generators : Neil Kramer

Neil Kramer talks to Niles Heckman on the Novelty Generators podcast.

“You’ve got some light inside of you – think of it as divine energy or wholeness or some fruits of the universe are inside of you: what do you want to do with it?

Every day there is a question you should ask yourself, every single day… ask yourself this question: What am I doing? What am I doing here, in this world, with this life? What am I doing today? What am I doing? What am I really, really, really doing here? And if you ask that question, every day will be slightly better than yesterday.

The only thing we do as humans that is disastrous is we completely forget all that stuff and drift for decades into silliness and into diversions and into constructs and memes and tropes and delusions and nonsense…

The truth of it is, all you need to do is concentrate on your own excellence and power, and everything else will come into place. You can’t follow anyone, you can’t wait for the savior or the rapture or the tribulation… You have to find your own excellent path of ascendance, otherwise you are giving your power away to Empire… If you take part in disavowal, which is not trying in the business of how to live properly and authentically, you’re empowering Empire, you’re giving your light to Empire…

What you have to do is take responsibility for your own conscious life. Everyone has a sense of what their authentic self really is and usually, there’s a gap; there’s a dissimilarity between what they’re actually doing and what they’d like to do… What we’re trying to do is shorten that until, at some point, there are days where there is no gap…

What the mystic is trying to say is that when we do this, we own our power – we don’t give it away – we emanate our power and create harmony with every step and every word and every pen stroke and every caress… everything, it’s always there. When we aren’t being authentic, we are energizing a destructive mechanism, which [is] Empire, or the system – whatever you want to call it – the construct, the distortion.

The most radical and destructive thing you can do, in a positive way, to get rid of that is harmony, is to create harmony within yourself.” ~Neil Kramer


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