“Think of yourself as a piece of equipment that has been left on idle or without fuel for a time. We all have intentions and dreams that are “waiting for right timing.” This is the right timing for some of those “what if’s” to get some ignition and power up with the right combination of fuel. The fuel in this case is the power from energy sources that can be tapped and received.

Energy sources include taking back your power from places in your psyche that are still attached to judgment, blame, shame, disappointment, worry, regret, old emotional trauma, wounds and karmic events, and any sense of failure around past or present experiences…

There is great healing and transformation in taking your power back from old emotional wounds and outdated limiting beliefs. The opportunity for personal growth in this area is phenomenal this month. As you navigate the certain intensity of the month due to the astrology and other events, just remember that when something feels like a challenge it is always an opportunity for growth, expansion and change. You can turn any challenging experience into a bid for power.

Once you bid for growth and expansion, pay attention to the details of the discipline required to keep you from the negative behaviors of giving your power away to the false personality. Do a practice every day where you build your inner stamina by increasing your power base though the support of your allies and those larger sources of power.”


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