Neil Kramer : Critical Mass Radio

“Empire is what happens when human beings forget who they are and what they’re doing. So, if we don’t take command of ourselves, and live truthfully, and organize ourselves properly, then someone else will…

The business, physically, of Empire is very simple really: human beings are an unruly bunch; they’re difficult to control, so keeping them weak and stupid makes things just a hell of a lot easier.  That’s what Empire does, and it’s pretty straightforward.” ~Neil Kramer

Neil Kramer talks to Paul Giovanni on Critical Mass Radio, broadcasting live out of Manchester, England.

Two lads from Manchester riff about all manner of things including: discernment in 2015, high school teachers, nappers and head wobbles, forbidden words, ready-made Ikea reality tunnels, the deception of system indebtedness, non-attachment in Heat, distinguishing layers of realness, asking questions in exoteric religion, naivety in newness, the shadow opponent of Empire, population and sustainability, legal protection of freedom of speech, self-governance and the self-reliant attitude, unconsciousness as a lifestyle choice, localized power structures, taboo subjects in Germany, split Mancunian consciousness, personal sovereign disavowal empowers Empire, compulsive mainstream culture consumption, laying down new lucid patterns of life.

CLICK HERE for a direct download MP3. You can also STREAM it online.”


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