“The theme of IMPROVEMENT will shine light on what needs it. What is not up to the quality you wish to have in your life will become obvious (sometimes painfully) and the way to use the month is to be proactive without going into impatience or martyrdom (both obstacles of the year). The mode of perseverance (the mode of the year) comes in handy to support any commitment you make to yourself for an improvement in some area of your life…

One of the main areas of IMPROVEMENT is communication with self. Take this opportunity to observe the mixed messages you give yourself about what you really want, what you are willing to do, and how you are willing to show up. This is a good month to study your fear patterns and change your beliefs. Most of us communicate way more judgment than unconditional love and acceptance to ourselves. You have the chance to change that this month and to improve the messages you give yourself so they align better with the life you wish to create…

This is an incredible time for personal growth as it supports the improvement in so many areas. You have the opportunity to improve your communication, your skills, your environment, your patience, your belief system, your attitude, your health, your discipline, your relationships, your appearance, as well as various things in your physical environment…”


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