Transcending The Control System : You Are Not A Number

“Seek out your own gnosis. Discern, intuit and know what is yours to know. In these times of revealing, there’s no excuse for not having access to the data anymore. It’s all there to be discovered.

Become your own alchemist, transform information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom. And don’t attempt to do it all from the comfort of your armchair with a book or a laptop. You have to put your boots on and start walking. It is often the journey itself that teaches. The mysteries within require gentle and skillful unfolding.

Working on yourself in this way is a lifelong exercise. Like the hunter who continually hones his skills, cares for his weapons and respects his prey. Like the craftsman who strives to improve his dexterity, deepen his knowledge and understand the wood with which he works. This is the path of transcendence.” ~Neil Kramer


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